To be world leader in practical ethical learning across individual organisational, institutional, professional, and governmental practices in a world that is in a deep moral decadence.

To provide tailor-made learning and resource based solution to the problems of ethical practices, code of conducts, integrity, anti-corruption, governance and principles to support a sustainable world system.

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Ethical values across the globe are collapsing before our very eyes. There is overwhelming breakdown of moral fiber across individual, professional, institutional, national and global activities.


More than ever before, corruption, fraud, deceit, lack of integrity and other forms of unethical practices have crept in and dictate the dimension of most human endeavor. At individual levels, there are widespread dishonesty, failing promises, deceitfulness, inconsistency, fraudulence, contradictions, personal indiscipline, unpredictability, increasing lack of probity and accountability....


We are at the exciting stage of our development and going to register as a charity in the United Kingdom for global activities.

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